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Lizzie & Rody | Wedding Short Film

In the heart of New York City, the wedding of Lizzie and Rody at The William Vale Hotel unfolded as a perfect example of how our team at The World is Rich Productions captures the essence of a couple’s love story. This event was not just a wedding; it was a culturally rich celebration, blending the vibrant energy of African traditions with the modern rhythm of American life, all through the lens of our NYC wedding videography team.

Our role as a premier wedding videographer in NYC was to authentically capture the essence of Lizzie and Rody's love, a love as unique as their serendipitous first meeting at a Whole Foods on Rody's birthday. It was there, amid the aisles of organic produce and bustling shoppers, that Lizzie became the first person to walk into Rody's life, marking the start of their incredible journey. Our focus was to encapsulate this unique story, showcasing their love in a way that mirrored the distinctiveness of their meeting. Every frame, every shot aimed to tell their story, reflecting the depth, humor, and spontaneity that brought them together.

In summary, Lizzie and Rody's wedding was a celebration that transcended the ordinary. We were honored to play a role in bringing their story to life. Remember that it's not just about the day; it's about capturing life's richest moments.

Planning and Design: @kathyromero
Florals: @csdesignnyc
Dance floor: @gotoshout
Venue: @glenmeremansion

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