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Raykha & Karim | Short Film

Raykha and Karim's traditional Hindu wedding in Flushing, expertly captured by The World is Rich Productions LLC, was a vivid display of love and culture, showcasing our skills as NYC wedding videographers. Their reception at Crest Hollow further highlighted our expertise in wedding videography, capturing every vibrant detail of their celebration.

Dressed in a stunning red outfit from Nazrana NJ, Raykha's model-esque presence complemented Karim's charisma, making for a visually stunning couple. As their chosen wedding videographer, our focus was to encapsulate not only the traditional elements of their Hindu ceremony but also the genuine fun and energy that they brought to every moment.

Their wedding, a blend of traditional rituals and joyful celebration, was a testament to the couple's unique chemistry. Our approach in wedding videography was to capture these spontaneous, joy-filled moments, ensuring that the essence of Raykha and Karim's personalities shone through.

From the sacred ceremony in Flushing to the lively reception at Crest Hollow, our role as an NYC wedding videographer was to create a visual story that reflected their love and joy. In doing so, we aimed to provide a timeless collection of life's richest moments, captured through the art of wedding videography.

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