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SUENOS 2022 DREAM Project | Event Highlights Video

For the dynamic Suenos 2022 event hosted by the DREAM Project, The World is Rich Productions LLC was proud to step in as the NYC corporate videographer. Our role transcended traditional videography, focusing on creating a corporate events recap video that did more than just capture the event. We crafted a narrative that highlighted the profound mission of the DREAM Project, showcasing how story-driven video content is pivotal for organizations with a mission. A special thank you to Kathy Romero.

Suenos 2022 was a celebration of achievements and cultural vibrancy. Our approach as corporate and non-profit videographers was to weave a narrative around key moments:

  • Scarlin Hernández receiving the prestigious DREAMer of the Year Award from Congressman Adriano Espaillat.

  • The enthralling performance of the Bachata Academy, presented by Amara La Negra, a true reflection of Dominican cultural heritage.

  • Angie Cruz, providing a captivating summary of her book "Dominicana," adding a literary richness to the event.

  • The seamless hosting by author and producer Anna Nyakana, adding a special touch to the festivities.

At The World is Rich Productions, we excel in producing story-driven video content for organizations with a mission. Our aim for the Suenos 2022 video was to craft a piece that not only informed viewers about the event but also deeply engaged them with the DREAM Project’s goals. Our expertise lies in creating content that moves viewers emotionally and prompts them to connect with the organization's cause.

In conclusion, our involvement in Suenos 2022 was more than capturing an event; it was about creating a narrative that highlighted the DREAM Project’s dedication to educational and cultural initiatives. Our goal was to produce a video that commemorates the event while serving as an influential tool in advancing the DREAM Project's mission, capturing life's richest moments, and inspiring meaningful change through story-driven content.

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