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Alexa & Chris | Social Media Short

At the enchanting Glenmere Mansion, Alexa and Chris, both dedicated doctors, celebrated their fairy-tale wedding, a momentous occasion we had the privilege of capturing as their NYC wedding videographers. Their love story, strengthened by a long-distance relationship during med school, found its magical culmination in this luxurious setting.

Our focus as wedding videographers was to encapsulate the fairy-tale essence of their day. The mansion's aisles, adorned with white roses, set a dreamlike stage for their first dance, which was nothing short of magical. As a team specializing in luxury wedding films, we aimed to create a narrative that mirrored the beauty and depth of Alexa and Chris’s journey.

Choosing the right wedding videographer for such a unique celebration is crucial. Our approach goes beyond mere filming; we tell stories of love and perseverance. Glenmere Mansion provided the perfect backdrop for this, allowing us to craft a timeless testament to Alexa and Chris's enduring love. We are grateful to capture their richest moments.

Planning and Design: @kathyromero
Florals: @csdesignnyc
Dance floor: @gotoshout
Venue: @glenmeremansion

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